13 Haunted Places in San Francisco

It’s the final week ‘til Halloween and what better way to kick it off than with a list of thirteen of the most haunted places in San Francisco.  Though I have never encountered the paranormal, I love a creepy ghost story.  Something that raises the little hairs on the nape of the neck.  Here are some places you can go to get a fright.

1.      Alcatraz—The spirits of past inmates are still imprisoned here, chatting with each other in the mess hall and walking up and down the hallways.

2.      Stow Lake—A ghostly woman in white searches along the water’s edge for the toddler she lost in a boating accident.

3.      Haskell House—The ghost of Senator Broderick, who lost a duel in September 1859, paces the floorboards of this house in Fort Mason.

4.      San Francisco Columbarium—The apparition of a little girl stands watch over the cubby hole where her ashes rest.

5.      Cameron House—A number of Chinese immigrant women, who were hidden from being sold into prostitution in the basement, lost their lives during the 1906 earthquake but still haunt this Chinatown home.

6.      Queen Anne Hotel—Mary Lake, the old headmistress of this, once, girl’s school, is said to tuck guests into bed each night when they stay in her old room, room 410.

7.      Curran Theatre—The ghost of a ticket taker, killed during a robbery in the 1930’s, regularly appears in the large mirror in the entryway of this theatre.

8.      Sutro Baths—Restless spirits of people, who are said to have been sacrificed in the tunnel to the right of the ruins, toss candles lit at nightfall into the briny sea.

9.      The Mansions Hotel—In the older half of this hotel of mansions, guests have reported numerous accounts of paranormal activity, from weird noises to toilet seats flying across their rooms.

10.  Atherton Mansion—The angry spirits of Dominga Atherton and her daughter, Gertrude, still torment George’s weaker spirit.

11.  Whittier Mansion—The original owner, William Franklin Whittier, still hangs out in the basement of his mansion, completed in 1896.

12.  Safeway on 16th Street—In this grocery store that was built on the site of the old Seal’s Stadium, apparitions of baseball players roam the aisles.

13.   Hotel Union Square—Famed playwright Lillian Hellman is said to haunt room 207.

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