5 SF Hot Spots for Hot Chocolate

5 SF Hot Spots for Hot Chocolate

Cold, howling winds, sheets of rain turning the streets into rivers…must be winter in San Francisco. With all this cold and wetness, my body craves warm drinks like hot chocolate. So where in San Francisco can you get a nice, rich cup of chocolaty goodness?

Based on research and some personal experience, I compiled the following list of 5 establishments known for their hot chocolate. My main qualification for a worthy cup requires that it not involve a powder mix, but a velvety blend of chocolate melted into a viscous gloop.

  • Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates in Hayes Valley offers a customizable hot chocolate  like peppermint dark chocolate and Venezuelan spice.
  • CocoaBella has two locations, one on Union Street and the other in the Westfield Center, where they let you create your own cup starting with a base of white, milk, dark, or extra dark chocolates.
  • TCHO at Pier 17 serves a tasty dark chocolate melted from their chocolates made on-site. They also offer a mocha made with Blue Bottle coffee.
  • Emporio Rulli in Union Square boasts a thick European-style chocolate that you can stand a spoon in.
  • Tartine Bakery at Guerrero and 18th streets offers a French version made with a ganache base. They also offer a mouth-watering                                                                                                                 selection of pastries to dip in your hot chocolate.

These are just a few of many places that serve hot chocolate in this city. Where’s your favorite place for a cup?

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