Teen Makes A Beautiful Coffee Art Piece for a Mom That Loves Coffee Mugs

There is a mom in the world that loves coffee mugs. Her name is Luanne and she buys every mug she can find. She has no problem admitting that she owns 50 coffee mugs or more. Her passion with collecting coffee mugs started a long time ago when she started traveling.

Makenna, Luanne’s teenage daughter, gets tired of her mom picking up mugs. Makenna buys coffee mugs for mom but its not enough. She claims her mother does this at every store they go to. Her mom has an old coffee cup at Disney to prove it. The daughter does not hate her mother for it. She just a little annoyed.

Unfortunately, Luanne’s house caught on fire one day. The fire started in the woods and spread to her house. It is not clear who started the fire, but Luanne lost all the coffee mugs she collected. Only pieces of plastic and glass could be found on the burned up property.

Her daughter saw the look on her face and decided to do something about it. She thought it was a good idea to make her mother a coffee gift. She didn’t want all the coffee mugs for mom to be forgotten. Didn’t want to get her mother a new coffee mug either. No, that was not on her mind. She wanted to get her mother’s old coffee mugs pieces and turn them into some type of artwork. The pieces of the old coffee mugs got glued on a piece of canvas. Then, she added some paint to them to make it look like decoration for a living room. The resulting art piece came out really good. Her mother loved the new coffee art gift.

Makenna first got the idea from her high school teacher. She’s not that old, but willing to come up with something so artistic and difficult. The teacher gave her the idea when she was talking about it in class. The teacher was nice enough to her the materials to make the art piece too. What a nice teacher to care so much.

The coffee gift was given to the mom by surprise on Christmas. The mother was so happy to see all her coffee mugs pieces glued to a wall in artistic fashion. She almost cried in tears of joy. She look at the daughter and said, “That is so cute.” Luanne knew it was the best gift the high school daughter could do. Her eyes became filled with love for knowing that a girl would go through all that just to make her happy again.

Its always the thought that counts. It might not seem like much to give someone a coffee mug as a gift. But, you never know til you see the look on their face. Don’t assume someone likes something until you tried to give them something. Maybe it will turn out like Luanne’s coffee art gift.

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